понедељак, 03. фебруар 2014.

Hazelnut balls

For the balls:

     280 g of sugar
     3 eggs
     120 g of honey
     1 teaspoon sodabone
     1 teaspoon vinegar
     560 g flour

For the filling:

     4 eggs
     200 g of sugar
     100 g of roasted hazelnuts
     2 dl milk
     250 g margarine


     150 g dark chocolate

eggs, sugar, vinegar and honey blended, then add the flour and knead by hand sodabonu to afford a compact mixture. Make small balls and bake in preheated oven until golden color. Allow the ohladne a little soft - best day earlier to prepare - and with a knife to make a hole in the sphere. Dissolve 150 g of chocolate with 10-12 tablespoon oil and roll the balls. Crumbs we izrubili put in a bowl and pour 2 dl fermented milk. 4 eggs with 200 g sugar cook steamed when ohladni add 1 margarine and blended. Add the filling 100 g ground roasted hazelnuts, crumbs and we spilled milk. Take two balls, fill the holes and filling glue balls.