уторак, 03. јун 2014.

Drum Cake

The most famous Hungarian cake in the world - drum cake.
According to an internet survey, culinary, occupies the first place, the number of fans, and fans of the same all over the world.

The creator of this cake is definitely Jozsef Dobos (1847-1924) , confectioners who was a progressive of his time , the great chefs and the author of books on Patisserie .
Dobos Torte was first made ​​for the state exhibition back 1885.Sastojala of eight thin sheets of dough smeared with cream and butter cream , which was J.Dobosa invention and innovation in the then Patisserie .
The butter cream was later used in combination with kaakao powder or vanilla instead of the then cream cakes, which are made ​​mostly with milk and burst pudding , of course, with a small " shortage " , the inability of long standing.
How is that any time without air conditioners and refrigerators, J.Dobos he drew up a cake that will be able to " last " longer than the other goodies .
What was amazing and was left as a " seal " of goodies , its " top" , top layer coated with caramelized sugar cut into pieces .
Cake is the exhibition for which you created the first time , experienced a standing ovation , and us poslasticar J.Dobos , became an overnight celebrity , a piece of cake from his pastry became Luxus , the prestige of the then citizens of Budapest.
At the beginning of the 20th century, this cake was among the top of confectioneries, and that her original recipe did not know, Europe was circulated to 120 versions of the recipe, and finally 1906g, J.Dobos published the original recipe, after which he retired from public life. 
Big fans of this cake was the Knjeginjić Sisi and Emperor Franz Josef, and who is known for his impeccable taste when it comes to desserts. 

Today, it is in countless variations, wrapped with roasted hazelnuts, chopped almonds or walnuts, though the original coated with a cream, and with all sorts of extras-rum, amaretto .... 
I'm not a fan of any supplements, and I believe that the time of the original flavor of cake failure, and received another cake. 

Since this cake is very famous in Slovakia, and in the Vojvodina Slovaks, there is only one difference, and that a multitude of bark, mainly to 14 thin, pretankih cover compared to the original seven. 
We make a cake with as much bark.